Toothbrush Reviews

Electric toothbrushes are now used by the vast majority of people. Despite popular belief, electric toothbrushes are not vastly better than manual toothbrushes.

If you prefer a manual toothbrush then that’s fine, you can still have clean, healthy teeth. You just have to make sure that you don’t brush too hard and also brush for a full 2 minutes twice a day.

Why People Prefer Electric Toothbrushes

Many people do prefer electric toothbrushes because they are less work to use, you don’t have to worry about timing how long you’re brushing for or whether you’re applying too much or too little pressure because of in-built features, and they are particularly helpful with children as they encourage them to brush their teeth more frequently.

Due to these advantages people who use electric toothbrushes do tend to brush their teeth better, as it is easier and their mistakes, such as brushing too hard, are corrected by the brush itself.

The Research

Electric toothbrushes are supported by dental professionals as they do offer excellent levels of plaque removal. They aren’t a magic wand though – you still need to brush for 2 minutes in the morning and evening.

“We are in favour of anything that gets rid of plaque – and as electric toothbrushes do this well we recommend them.”
– Ginette Shinner, a dental nurse from the British Dental Health Foundation

One of the main benefits is that fact that electric toothbrushes contain pressure sensors, ensuring that you don’t accidentally damage your gums:

“Many people over-brush certain teeth without realising it. People don’t usually have a system for brushing their teeth and will often brush certain teeth hard every time.”
– Jacinta Yeo, from the British Dental Association

They also encourage you to brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time:

“Most people in the UK only brush their teeth for around 30 to 40 seconds. Many people don’t realise how long two minutes actually is when they are brushing their teeth so such timing functions can really be helpful.”
– Jacinta Yeo, from the British Dental Association

Choosing an Electric Toothbrush

Choosing a particular model can be quite tricky so this is where we come in with our extensive toothbrush reviews. When looking through the different reviews keep an eye on these features:

In-Built Timers – dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. Almost all electric toothbrushes nowadays come with an in-built timer. It is very helpful – make sure that the toothbrush you buy has one.

Pressure Sensors – pushing too hard isn’t good for your gums, and many of the top-end electric toothbrushes will beep if you start to push too hard.

Different Brushing Modes – many toothbrushes now have different cleaning modes, ideal if you have sensitive teeth or want your teeth to look extra white. The top models tend to have at least 3 cleaning modes.

Sonic Vibrations – there’s a line of toothbrushes that emit sonic vibrations to be extra effective at breaking down plaque. These toothbrushes do tend to be quite expensive and dentists disagree about how effective these vibrations are, so don’t feel that you have to push to boat out for one of these Sonic brushes.

Toothbrush Heads – along with different cleaning modes often different toothbrush heads are included. Try to get a toothbrush that comes with a number of different heads as certain ones at better at cleaning particular spots in your mouth.

The Electric Toothbrush Ranges

One of the best ways to choose a toothbrush is by looking through the different ranges and selecting your preferred brush from that range, taking into account both its features and the budget that you’re working towards.

Here’s a comparison between each of the main ranges and the toothbrushes in each one:

Oral-B Professional Care Toothbrushes – this is the most popular range of Oral-B toothbrushes, partly because it has both high-end and low cost models.

As is traditional with electric toothbrushes the head pulsates and rotates and they’ve been designed to give whiter teeth within 21 days:

                                    No. Brushing Modes Pulsations Rotations Pressure Sensor Timer Charged Time Price
Oral-B Pro Care 500 1 20,000 7,600 No Yes 7 Days
Oral-B Pro Care 600 1 20,000 8,800 No Yes 7 Days £47.93
Oral-B Pro Care 1000 1 40,000 8,800 Yes Yes 7 Days Item not found
Oral-B Pro Care 2000 2 40,000 8,800 Yes Yes 7 Days Item not found
Oral-B Pro Care 3000 3 40,000 8,800 Yes Yes 7 Days £66.76

Oral-B Triumph Toothbrushes – for quality consider the Triumph toothbrushes.

The Triumph 5000 brush is actually the only one to be given the highest possible rating by the British Dental Health Foundation. If you’re looking for top quality then that’s the brush we’d recommend:

                                 No. Brushing Modes British Dental Health Foundation Rating Pressure Sensor Timer Charged Time Price
Oral-B Triumph 4000 4 Gold Yes Yes 10 Days Item not found
Oral-B Triumph 5000 5 Platinum Yes Yes 10 Days £152.47

Oral-B Trizone Toothbrushes – these brushes contain the new innovative TriZone brush heads, which are designed to be highly effective at cleaning between teeth.

With Trizone brushes the head actually vibrates rather than rotating. Oral-B is really pushing this line of brushes so it’s one to keep an eye on – these brushes have a lot of potential:

                                No. Brushing Modes Pulsations Sweeps Pressure Sensor Timer Charged Time Price
Oral-B Trizone 600 1 20,000 7,600 Yes Yes 7 Days £34.99
Oral-B Trizone 1000 1 20,000 7,600 Yes Yes 7 Days Item not found
Oral-B Trizone 3000 3 40,000 8,800 Yes Yes 7 Days Item not found
Oral-B TriZone 5000 5 40,000 8,800 Yes Yes 10 Days Item not found